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How To Turn A Depleting Resource Into A Business Opportunity

The new business unit “RAG Technology Sales & Services” offers upstream solutions leading to extraordinary meantime between failure (MTBF) increase from half a year up to 7 years without well intervention. Consequently a significant unit operating cost reduction (20 – 40%) and production increase due to reduced downtime and optimized pump operation can be achieved.

Material Selection And Corrosion Management

Efficiency aspect by material science

In order to reduce corrosion rates RAG embarked on a concerted effort of metallurgy, chemistry and production technology and reduced in the course of a 3 years campaign the annual corrosion rate from 4 mm/year to less than 0.004 mm/year which is an improvement by a factor of 1000.

Another success in increasing runtimes of artificial lift systems could be reached by selecting specific materials. The implementation of relined tubing systems within RAG increased the runtime of particular wells by the factor 20.

RAG - The company

80 years of history, extensive experience in oil & gas exploration, production, and storage operation play a key role in unlocking significant energy resources.

RAG is Austria’s oldest established exploration, production and gas storage company, founded in 1935 as a Joint Venture between Shell and Mobil. In 2007, after 70 years of oil & gas production solely focused on Austria, the two Majors left RAG as an independent company. The core areas of business are crude oil and natural gas exploration and production, trading and gas storage. Integrated E&P Services (Drilling, Well Engineering, Completion and Testing, Wireline and Slickline Services) as well as production technology and mature field operation expertise support RAG business areas, joint venture partners and external customers.

RAG provides highest level of technical and economic performance and defends its competitive position based on innovation.

RAG is one of the leading Austrian companies with total assets of some 700 Mio EUR financed by roughly 30 % equity and around 400 employees. The company generates revenues of some 450 Mio EUR, a cash flow of some 150 Mio EUR, and achieves a profitability of more than 15 % (ROACE). Furthermore, RAG is the 4th largest Underground Gas Storage operator in Europe with a total storage volume of around 6 billion cubic meters. 

Oil and Gas production in Austria  

RAG Production & Storage History Concession area Zistersdorf - supermature oilfield as best practice example

RAG has discovered and developed 175 oil & gas fields and has produced around 16 million tons of crude oil and 26 billion cubic meters of natural gas during the past 80 years. With the background of long standing experience RAG offers highly specialized know-how, technologies and services in operating mature oil and gas fields. 

Unlocking resources in tail-end oil production maximizing recovery in gas fields and turning depleted reservoirs into gas storages form part of this expertise. In the oldest field Zistersdorf an economic tail end production with water cut up to 98 % underlines the expertise of RAG to handle mature field challenges successfully for more than 50 years.


Unit operating cost-cutting technologies - UOC (fluid) 1 USD/bbl - with focus on corrosion control, automation and smart artificial lift solutions are the essentials to be successful in mature field operations.

We offer the following services as an expert for mature fields

  • Project Management
  • Production Fluid Management (Corrosion, Paraffin, Scaling)
  • Production Services 
  • Engineering Services
  • Well Services
  • Drilling Services


Siegfried Kiss
Head of Technology Sales&Services
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Head of Business Development & Sales
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